750 and 330 years after their births

passages from The Divine Comedy and the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin

Sonia Bergamasco
Sonig Tchakerian: violin
Anna Palumbo: percussion
conceived by Lorenzo Arruga
Image Mind the gap, Lady Shakespeare!
Original text in Italian by Monica Luccisano (inspired by William Shakespeare)
Music by J. Dowland, T. Hume, A. Ferrabosco, W. Byrd, M. Locke, O. Gibbons, G. Cascioli
With Sonia Bergamasco
Gianluca Cascioli, piano
Accademia Strumentale Italiana
Performed in Stresa Festival, Palazzo - 27 August 2014

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Image Salmo della gioventý (The Psalm of Youth)
Concert of verses freely adapted from poetry by Amelia Rosselli
Conceived and performed by Sonia Bergamasco
Sound dramaturgy by Rodolfo Rossi
Lighting design by Cesare Accetta
Performed in Bologna, Giardino della Memoria - 3 July 2014

Image Croce e delizia (Torment and Delight)
the voices of Sandro Penna and Amelia Rosselli in concert
by Sonia Bergamasco
Performed in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, 21 February 2008

Image La ragazza Carla (The Girl Carla)
text by Elio Pagliarani
with Sonia Bergamasco
original music by Teho Teardo

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Image La scimmia bianca dei miracoli (The Miraculous White Monkey)
the story of a woman, at dawn, on the summit of a mountain
text by Maria Grazia Calandrone
performed by Sonia Bergamasco, with percussionist Rodolfo Rossi

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Image Pochi avvenimenti, felicitŗ assoluta
scene da un matrimonio
(Few events, utterly happy
scenes from a marriage

with Sonia Bergamasco and EsTrio
music by Clara and Robert Schumann
original dramaturgy by Maria Grazia Calandrone

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Image Concerto della fine del mondo (The Concert of the End of the World)
Manifesto for an anticanzoniere
Recital by Sonia Bergamasco
with Sonia Bergamasco (voice and dramaturgy) and Rodolfo Rossi (percussion and instrumental arrangements), 12 June 2009

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Image Le sante corde dei canti (The Sacred Strings of Cantos)
a journey through The Divine Comedy
by Sonia Bergamasco and Fabrizio Gifuni
Performed in Lucera at the Festival of Mediterranean Literature, 13 September 2008
Image I kiss your hands
a semi-serious catalogue of Mozartís letters
by Sonia Bergamasco and Fabrizio Gifuni
Performed in Rome for Concerts in the Park, 18 July 2006

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